Featured image: Fluoropolymer Compounds – Broadening the product range through compounding -

Fluoropolymer Compounds – Broadening the product range through compounding

Fluoropolymer Compounds – Broadening the product range through compounding

"If you can dream it, you can do it." That there really is a lot of truth in this quote from Walt Disney is also proven by the "Fluoropolymer Compounding Story" from LEHVOSS North America. A story about a small team, who are always able to create or compound highly resilient material solutions from the most diverse customer requirements. Material solutions based on a variety of materials, with a special expertise in fluoropolymers.

The special thing about this is that this team has developed over the last 20 years from a pure processor into a material developer. A material developer who knows that compounding fluoropolymers is not just about plastics, chemistry and extruders. It's always also about a) putting the right heads together at the right time (both internally and as part of a partnership with customers) and b) above all, always treating the fluoropolymers well. Although they may appear to be extremely tough on the outside, they are extremely sensitive in processing and always require very special treatment.

This is what the following article is about. In just a few minutes of reading time, you will discover why LEHVOSS North America could perhaps also be your "dream partner" for material solutions made by fluoropolymer compounding.


Teams and values: The background of LEHVOSS North America.

LEHVOSS North America's roots and initial core competencies lie in years of working with a customer in the cable sector. The cable formulation required in this context always presents a particular challenge in terms of the fluoropolymers used: On the one hand, for example, they should have very good dispersion, but on the other hand, gel formation or degradation processes must not occur. With the merger of the German chemical company Lehmann&Voss&Co., based in Hamburg, in 2014, the development from a pure processor of fluoropolymers to a developer of material solutions then began. This merging of U.S. process know-how and German materials expertise laid the foundation for today's broad-based fluoropolymer expertise.

Fluoropolymer Compounds – Broadening the product range through compounding 2


Benefits: What does LEHVOSS North America have to offer?

  • Demand-oriented, always high-quality solutions for every customer size. Whether someone needs a few hundred or a few dozen pounds of material. No niche is too small, and no player is too big.
  • The mastering of every processing step to get the custom result you want. Freezing, grinding, shredding, pelletizing - whatever is needed is done. All under one roof.
  • The Developing of special solutions even for special tasks that are far from the usual market standardization.

Core competence: Why can they do it?

The key is two keys. One key is the knowledge of how to process fluoropolymers safely - the knowledge of how to compound them perfectly to ensure chemical stability. The second key is the deep understanding of the respective customer's needs. What is the nature of the business? What exactly does the subsequent application look like? The next steps, such as a development cycle or a sampling phase, are then derived from this.

Dreams and vision: How do they go on?

LEHVOSS North America - the team around Joshua Dubrosky and Michael Valsamis - proves a) that fluoropolymers are much more than just resins, b) they have mastered the intelligent application of process and material knowledge like no other and that LEHVOSS North America is a complete solution provider in the fluoropolymer business. A one-stop solution provider that condenses and compounds the unique specific solution for their customers from a wide range of potential options.

In doing so, they lay the foundation that enables their customers to redefine the boundaries of what is possible at any given time.

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