LUVOTECH® eco PEEK: high-performance compounds with an improved ecological balance

LUVOTECH® eco PEEK: high-performance compounds with an improved ecological balance

Many markets and industries cannot do without the use of thermoplastic high-temperature compounds. Together with its subsidiary WMK Plastics, the LEHVOSS Group has developed strong, ecological alternatives to new goods based on material recycling.

This alternative, for example, when using materially recycled PEEK with carbon fiber recyclates in semi-finished products, has a CO2 footprint that is reduced by up to 90%.

LUVOTECH eco PEEK thus makes a significant contribution to sustainability and can be used for all applications in which PEEK compounds are already used without any loss of performance. 

LUVOTECH eco PEEK also offers the following application options:

  • Diverse applications in which PEEK compounds are already used today.
  • New areas of application in which the technical performance of PEEK is advantageous, but cannot be realized due to the price level of new goods.

Further advantages and areas of application of LUVOTECH eco PEEK

The types can be used in all application areas relevant for PEEK in the automotive and electrical industries, in the fields of application of renewable energies, in aviation and in medical technology.

Like the new product, LUVOTECH eco PEEK is characterized by excellent thermal and chemical resistance, high mechanical strength and, with appropriate modification, excellent tribological properties.

LUVOTECH eco PEEK in the circular economy

The circular economy approach pursues the longest possible use of raw materials and products. Recyclable materials from processing, like products, are returned to the cycle after their useful life has been processed.

Using the example of the production of semi-finished products, sections, chips and rejects are first collected by type. This collected material is processed into a high-quality grist.

The formulation of the eco-compounds based on it includes the selection of the appropriate regrind as well as the addition of the property-determining formulation components such as additives and / or reinforcing materials.

The LEHVOSS Group summarizes this detailed knowledge in the interaction of more than 35 years of experience in the compounding of thermoplastic high-performance materials based on PA 6, PA 66, PC/ABS and the high-performance polymer PEEK in the ecX technology (eco compounding experience). The ecX technology guarantees the user ecologically sustainable PEEK types of the highest quality. This enables competitive solutions that have an improved CO2 balance and can reduce the overall environmental impact.

Improved CO2 balance confirmed by calculations by the SKZ

The Süddeutsche Kunststoff-Zentrum (SKZ), as an independent service provider for the plastics industry, was commissioned by the LEHVOSS Group to determine the ecological footprint of various compounds.

Taking into account the internationally applicable standards DIN EN ISO 14040, DIN EN IS 14044 and DIN EN ISO 14067, the “carbon footprint” of the LUVOTECH eco PEEK GF20 BK was identified in CO2-eq using the GaBi life cycle assessment software.

When performing the calculation, the following processes, which have a significant influence on the CO2 balance, were included:

  • Transport of the raw materials to the place of use
  • Provision of energy, operating materials (water) and packaging
  • Material preparation - e.g. drying
  • Manufacture of the products
  • Packaging
  • Transport and disposal (incineration) of production waste.

The calculation resulted in: 1 kg LUVOTECH eco PEEK GF20 BK, which is based on raw materials from mechanical recycling, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by approx. 7.6 kg CO2-eq compared to 1 kg PEEK GF20 based on new goods.

Competence and care in the manufacture of LUVOTECH eco PEEK

Only property-specific raw materials from certified and audited suppliers with a qualified sorting process are used to manufacture the LUVOTECH eco product line.

In order to avoid contamination, the grinding plant integrated in Solingen, Germany has separate lines with integrated metal detectors, dust extraction, visual inspection and sorting for grinding and grinding.


If you are looking for an ecological alternative to new PEEK goods, if you have customer requirements for the use of recyclates, in-house specifications for the processing of more sustainable raw materials or legal guidelines for compliance with recycling management, LUVOTECH eco PEEK can make a decisive contribution do this.

With LUVOTECH eco PEEK, the LEHVOSS Group, together with its subsidiary WMK Plastics, offers you a sustainable thermoplastic high-performance compound with a multitude of advantages and possible applications.

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